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Your Malta Info is the site for everything you want to know about Malta.

It does not matter why you want to come to Malta, this can be for a holiday, for an internship or to start working and living on the island as an expat!

Get informed about everything you need to have a great time on Malta.

What to expect on the site:

What can you do on Malta and Gozo:

  • 21 tips to start getting to know Malta!
  • Beaches and swimming
  • The 10 things you must eat in Malta
  • Places of interest on Gozo
  • The most beautiful sights in Valletta
  • And more!

Events and places to go to!

Malta is a perfect place if you like to party, open air clubs, beach clubs and a large clubbing area called Paceville. More then enough to do especially in summer!

But you can also join an event that is less loud and crowded, you can visit wine tasting, dinner shows or visit some of the parks. Some idea's we have listed here for you.

Tips and Tricks

You are in a new country, so you can use all the Tips and Tricks you can find. We tried to list as many as possible and hope this is helpful.

Even after more then 10 years on the island I find out new tips and Tricks, so if you are missing any on this site. Contact us and we can put this on the site to also help other people coming to Malt